The All-Hearing

So pervasive to daily Cairo life is a loudspeaker libertarianism, that the issue of hearing damage and noise pollution was immediately accepted as a topic for a Friday sermon when Abu Hamdan suggested the idea to two Cairene Sheikhs. Despite new laws that the military government established that seek to monotonize the delivery of sermons by enforcing Sheikhs to only give speeches according to the weekly government sanctioned topic, the Sheikhs remained even more determined to have the issue of noise heard. And heard not only to their congregation inside the mosque but to all those passers by who were barraged by the mosques loudspeakers broadcasting into the streets outside. The military crackdown on the amplified voices of the city is done in the name of policing noise and the lawless terrain of the loudspeaker yet it is in fact simply a means to direct the flow of voices away from espousing anything against the government. Anything that they do not want heard. Hence on the day the Sheikhs delivered their sermons on noise pollution as far as the ear could hear all the mosques in the surrounding area were explaining the Prophet's Ascension to Heaven, the government dictated topic of that week.

The All-Hearing is part of Positions a collection of 5 solo exhibitions which took place at the Van AbbeMuseum in Eindhoven in July 2014. There Abu Hamdan presented the full Tape Echo project, co-commissioned by Beirut in Cairo and included a new video work produced for Positions. With Tape Echo Abu Hamdan proposes a series of methods for documenting and intervening within of Cairo's dense audio urbanity, looking at how voices are distributed and hearing is damaged within of the city's rapidly changing sonic[ptype]=18&tx_vabdisplay_pi1[project]=1266