Earwitness Inventory

The artist has built an Earwitness Inventory, comprised of 95 custom designed and sourced objects all derived from legal cases in which sonic evidence is contested and acoustic memories need to be retrieved. A library of objects to be used specifically as mnemonic devices. These objects encompass both sounds that have been used in his interviews with earwitnesses to facilitate re-enactments of crimes, and sounds pertaining to stories in which surprising sonic analogies emerged, such as a building collapsing into a sinkhole ‘sounding like popcorn’. In the installation alongside the objects Abu Hamdan elaborates on a selection of these objects with an animated text from which one can read transhistorical vignettes that together represents the collection as a whole. A collection stands for a language that we do not yet speak, a language of and between objects. 

After Sfx

Where as in Earwitness Inventory uses the mute objects themselves requiring the visitor to activate their minds ear, After SFX is a performance of the sound of the recordings of the objects alone without the ability to see them. A loud cacophony of objects, a looping list of acoustic debris and sonic memories of violence inseparable from cinema sound are the components from which this performance is built. After SFX was first premiered in the Tate Modern Tanks in the fall of 2018.