Press from the New Museum Triennial

Both Tape echo 2013-14 and The All-Hearing 2014 are on show at the New Museum Triennial which opened on Tuesday night ...

Andrew Russeth for Artnews:

“The triennial is mercifully short on research-intensive, documentation-heavy projects—the bane of so many international surveys. And the few examples here are powerful. One standout: Jordan-born artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan, who lives in London, contributes a video that shows two Cairo sheiks giving sermons, at the artist’s behest, on noise pollution—a topic with more political implications than one might expect, given that authorities there have curtailed amplified speech as a way of curbing dissent.”

James Tarmy for Bloomberg:

" it’s easy to overlook some of the better works because there are so many vying for your consideration. Monumental interactive bunkers by the artist Nadim Abbas or a bright, looming installation by the artist Guan Xiao might grab your attention, but smaller works are the stars of the show. I’m thinking of a sound installation by Lawrence Abu Hamdan"